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Stay Strong, Stay Tight, Stay Tuff!

   It really is time for a new idea in fencing. More strength. Much longer life. Much
less costly to install. A better idea. We call that "the Stay-Tuff Advantage." It's all
because the unique Stay-Tuff manufacturing method offers several advantages
over conventional hinge-joint products. It's just better for the modern rancher and

  To begin with, the product is manufactured from 12 1/2 gauge, Hi-Tensile, class
3 galvanized wire, offering three times the life and nearly four times the strength
over most conventional low tensile wire. Hi-Tensile wire won't stretch. It has less
than 1% elongation, compared to 11% elongation for low tensile wire. When you
combine this with a very deep crimp, the producer can put up the fence, tighten it,
and the fence will remain tight. When stock pressure, snow load, and the
occasional tree falls on the fence, it will give with the load, it will not stretch, and it
will spring back to its original shape.

  Stay-Tuff fence is manufactured using a solid vertical stay rather than the
conventional hinge-joint between vertical and horizontal wires. This provides
superior vertical strength, allowing the fence to literally stand by itself, and
providing much greater resistance to stock pressure preventing penetration of the
fence. And last, but certainly not least, Stay-Tuff is manufactured domestically right
here in Texas.