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The Anatomy Of Minimalist Style



By Simi A Mira

When I think of minimalist fashion, the following terms come to mind: neutral colors, classic lines, solid fabrics, and timeless silhouettes. Polka Dots? Poof. Houndstooth? Gone. Leopard? Lose it. Minimalist fashion is the hottest new thing on the runway, and is a major departure from the bejeweled and bedazzled styles of the past few years. This style allows the emphasis to be on the person wearing the garments, not the clothes themselves.

Traditional minimalist outfits are generally either black and/or white but can sometimes involve muted colors (but never patterns). A great example of minimalist style is a perfectly tailored black wool jumpsuit with a tailored black suit jacket. Another example of this style would be a structured white A-line tank dress with classic black leather booties – think simple, shaped, and strong.

Minimalism is a style that has been around for a few decades, but became strongest in the 1980’s. Remember those Calvin Klein commercials with white t-shirts and tailored black pants? This is a classic example of minimalism. The widely marketed fashion giant The Gap also championed this movement by promoting the crisp white tailored shirt and straight-legged ‘Audrey Hepburn’ pants in plain black. Today, designers like Alexander Wang and Chanel as well as ready-to-wear outlets like H&M and Uniqlo are paving the way to bring minimalism to the masses.

The ‘little black dress,’ or LBD as it is colloquially known, is a staple of the minimalist’s wardrobe. In fact, all black everything is a staple of the minimalist’s wardrobe! You can avoid this style from looking gothic by keeping makeup simple and neutral. A simple, light eyeliner and natural lip is a sophisticated way to bring this fashion philosophy into your beauty routine. Hair should be plain yet polished, usually slicked back into a ponytail or neat low bun.

In step with the aesthetic, keep your shoe choice very plain yet modern – and almost always black leather. A sandal, chunky-heeled pump, or plain flat are consistent options. Oh – and don’t forget to put away the flashy jewelry. Minimalists are of course quite simple when it comes to accouterments; The most that one should wear would be a simple, personal detail like a wedding ring or dainty necklace in silver or gold.

The easiest way to ease into minimalist style is to start by color blocking. Don’t like the idea of wearing all black? Break up the noir with some white – try a tailored white oxford shirt with a classic black pencil skirt. Once you’ve nailed this classic feel, work into an all-white or all-black outfit. You will feel empowered with the straightforward nature of your look!

When it comes down to it, simplicity is key for minimalists. Two main influencers from two different generations, Audrey Hepburn and Victoria Beckham, highlight the timelessness of this style. When you make wise investments into beautiful, well-made pieces, these minimalist options will never fall out of favor.


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